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Brunei Humanitarian Affairs volunteer group would like to express our condolences regarding the recent Nargis cyclone disaster that has killed about 22,000 people.

Disclaimer: article taken from brudirect

Myanmar Embassy Welcomes Aid As Death Toll Tops 22,000 By Azlan Othman
Bandar Seri Begawan - The Embassy of the Union of Myanmar in Brunei Darussalam welcomed emergency aid from the Sultanate, notably food, medicines and water purifiers for the victims of Cyclone Nargis, which has devastated the country leaving more than 22,700 dead and over 40,000 missing.

Its new Ambassador, Thura Thet Oo Maung, told the Bulletin yesterday that His Majesty the Sultan and Yang DiPertuan of Brunei Darussalam had sent his condolences to Chairman of the State Peace and Development Council, Senior General Than Shwe and the Prime Minister, General TheM Sein, while His Royal Highness Prince Mohamed Bolkiah, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, also sent similar condolences to his counterpart, Nyan Win.

Meanwhile, Asean Secretary-General, Surin Pitsuwan, said, "We are now appealing to all Asean governments, the private sector and the civil society... to please respond generously."
Surin also called for help from Asean's dialogue partners, which include the United States, the European Union, China, Japan and South Korea, as well as from non-government organisations and civil society groups worldwide, AFP reported.

Surin said he had discussed the disaster with His Majesty the Sultan and Yang DiPertuan of Brunei Darussalam, who proposed that Asean should help stricken members as a regional grouping.

He said he hoped that "we, Asean, can begin to build a stockpile of emergency relief as a network in the region in order to be prepared for such natural calamities and disasters", Surin said.
"We have received formal enquiries from Brunei agencies and there have been some indications of assistance. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Union of Myanmar said they are open to assistance from all over the world," the Myanmar envoy added.

The new envoy said, instant noodles, medicines, tents, clothing, blankets, water purifiers and hydration salt are some of the urgently needed aid, which can only be transported via air cargo as port facilities in Myanmar were damaged in the cyclone. Communications like phone lines and Internet have also broken down.

The assistance, either in the form of material or in kind can be channelled directly to the Ministry of Social Welfare and Relief Settlement or through the embassy itself in Kg Rimba. Asked on the contributions from some 200 Myanmar nationals currently residing in Brunei and work as doctors, engineers and some as workers, the ambassador said they are also welcome to contribute clothing, medicines and useful items as well as cash donation.

Meanwhile RTB reported yesterday that all staff at the Brunei Embassy and their family members in Myanmar is safe and sound and two Brunei nationals now in Myanmar have contacted them directly.

This was revealed by Pehin Datu Inderasugara Brigadier General (R) Dato Paduka Hj Mohammad Yusof, Brunei Ambassador to the Union of Myanmar. -- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

BHAVG will update.

Kongres Belia Kebangsaan 1st-3rd April 2008

Nurul Adibah and I, Atiqah represented the Brunei humanitarian affairs volunteer group (Kelab Sukarelawan Belia) to the National Youth Congress 2008 which commenced on the 1st of April and ends on the 3rd. The National Youth Congress 2008 was the first of its kind to be held in Brunei- an initiative to hear the voices of our youths. This aim was reflected in its theme: "Memperkasa belia: suara kami, masa depan kami" ("To empower youth: our voice, our future") Participants were divided into 5 discussion rooms, each of which discussed one of these topics:
  1. Youth and Leadership
  2. Youth and Society/social problems
  3. Training and employment
  4. Role of NGO’s to the development of youths and the country
  5. Enterprising opportunities for youth.

Dibah was placed in the group discussing about Youth and their social problems while i was placed in the group discussing about the Training and Employment.

The opening ceremony.

And the best part of any congress is always the GOOD food. =D heheh

Goodies given to every participants

The opening ceremony took half the day. These were some that i managed to note down (as a secretary). Day one:

-Speeches by the Pengerusi majlis kongres.

-Speech by the Minister of culture youth and sports whereby he mentioned that 47% of Brunei is made up of youths and that up until 2007, the statistics from the Jabatan Buruh showed that 4000+ people from the age of 14 to 30 registered for employment. (For some it may be a small matter, however, if we take such things lightly for now, it will get worst in the future)

The minister also cited some pantun which one of it sounds like this:

Dimana letak manis bahasa,

kalau tidak pada tuturnya,

Dimanakan letak aset negara,

Kalau bukan pada belianya.

We had a little break after that. And in the afternoon, the discussions started. Each of the groups has one or two facilitator and a secretary whose job is to guide us through the following days of round table discussion and also stimulate our thinking on the given issues.

My group.

Our facilitator

It is a very good initiative indeed as the participants attending the congress are within the age range of 17-30+. The age barrier was obvious as there were arguments due to differences in opinions (and age) but at least we learnt how to deal with such situations and accept that not everyone have same opinions.

Day 2:

Still discussing about the given topics. The topics were generalized and there are a lot of different angles at which it could be discussed. At the end of the day we had a rehearsal for the next day- the day where the resolutions and action plans were to be presented in front of a few ministers, deputy ministers and SUTs.

The flaming debate.

Lecturers from UBD giving a short talk

The rehearsal

And at night, there was a rehearsal for those who would be on stage- all about protocols and stuffs. Some of my colleagues did come to ICC that night to help with the unfinished resolutions. It was a tiring night.

Last minute work 2nd night.

Rehearsal with the SUT on stage the 2nd night.

Day 3:
Presentation of action plans and dialogue with the Ministers invited. The Ministers and Deputy ministers who attended were- Menteri Kebudayaan, Belia dan sukan, Menteri Hal ehwal Ugama, Menteri Hal-Elwal Dlm Negri, Timbalan Menteri Hal Ehwal Dalam Negri, Timbalan Menteri Jabatan Perdana Menteri & Timbalan Menteri Sumber-Sumber Utama.

Dibah and i.

It was a wonderful experience. I would like to congratulate everyone involved in the congress (the organisers, participants, food supplier =p) And also a big thank you for opening our minds and letting us speak up.

BHASG Stepping Stone Project

Temburong Voluntary Work
Sekolah Rendah Sultan Hassan, Bangar
25th-27th March 2008


Since the group’s establishment in January, we took an immediate and daring step to conduct our first project on the 25th-27th March during the school holidays at Temburong. It was initially a relief aid work during the flash flood disaster but sadly to say we were behind others. After 4 weeks of amusing recovery the town is back to normal. We could only help by donating $450 through which was collected by a few active committees back then.

Yet we felt that it wasn’t enough. We persist to help the community further by contributing our humanitarian service.

The group came up with the idea of helping the children especially from Sekolah Rendah Bokok, a school that was severely affected by the flood. Students and teachers were transferred to different schools through out the area away from their hearts used to be. One of them is Sekolah Rendah Sultan Hassan, Bangar where 136 Bokok students and several teachers were transferred to.

22 people including the committees and registered volunteers joined the project event. They consist of active youths ranging from students, school leavers and members of other clubs such as Kelab BARA. Project funding was collected solely by the group. Fund donation was also made by friends and family. We were also fortunate to be sponsored by SR Sultan Hassan staffs and teachers in terms of meals and project expenses.

From the collected fund we spent paints, tools, plants and flowers for the 3 days project. With that we spread our love and care to the children through our creativity. Our motive is to bring smiles and happiness upon the faces of these victims and to lessen emotional impacts they have suffered from the loss of their previous school and friends.


On the 25th of March, 21 volunteers arrived at Tambang Penambang, Bandar to leave Brunei for Temburong by 7.15 AM. The 45 minutes boat ride gave several first timers a great yet bumpy cultural experience.

Approximately at 8.10 AM, the group was transported via bus (sponsored by Jabatan Daerah Temburong) from Bangar deck to Pusat Belia dan Sukan (Youth and Sports center) just nearby. We were greeted by two officers and eventually briefed about safety and cleanliness for our 3 days and 2 nights stay at the hostel there. After unloading our belongings and settling in respective rooms for awhile we then moved on to Sekolah Rendah Sultan Hassan, Bangar by foot. The walk took us more and less than 5 minutes.

The group was greeted by Cg. Azim and Guru Besar Cg. Yusnani. We were also briefed with a welcome and thank you note.


For this 3 day project, we divided 22 people into 4 groups to be assorted to these tasks: gardening, landscaping and painting. Cg. Azim and Cg. Fazli who came as supervisors also helped us a lot during our stay.

At the school every one of us automatically carried our respective duties to fulfill this mission. On that very day assigned groups have brainstormed creative ideas together along with the teachers. This includes:

Rejuvenating the Garden with Colours and Plants

Renewing the Badminton Court

Renovating the Map of Brunei

Painting Alphabets, Numbers and Games

Memorial Foundation


BHASG Temburong Voluntary Work

Every 11.30 AM the school provided lunch for the volunteers and teachers involved. By 12.30 PM onwards we hurried back to work. We usually stopped working by 5 PM and prayer breaks are excuse for the Muslims. After packing up the materials we finally left for the hostel to get showered and did prayers together. Then we had dinner made by the refreshment committee which was followed up with night activities. By 10 PM everyone goes to sleep. Everyday we woke up at 5 AM to catch up the Subuh prayer. Breakfast was sometime made or bought from the Tamu nearby. We then walked to the school by 7.30-8.00 AM which was one way we could exercise early in the morning.

Bear in mind that social service is not all about working. At the same time we played around to break the 'tension' occasionally, be that chasing each other with wet paint brush, giving joke riddles or singing together out loud. We were able to pull out our childish part in ourselves. It was unfortunate that the children weren't able to join the project though. It could have been more hectic in a merrier way.


After lunch the teachers held a certificate award ceremony for every volunteer as a token of appreciation. Cg. Azim acted as the school representative during the ceremony.

On the final day everyone rushed and worked harder get this project completed before 3.30 PM. With amazing efforts and commitment we are proudly to say that 24 people can pull off 3 days of laborious work under the hot sun and long hours. Not to say that we didn't take any breaks at all but our hearts were so committed to complete and dedicate this service to the school and its people.

After packing our belongings and cleaning up the mess we finally left for Brunei by 4.30 PM.


It is an investment for me to be more responsible to the society and we can get a rewarding contentment by seeing other people lives happily. The purpose of this project is to bring cheers and smile to the children and lighten up their lives. Giving helping hands to others will give you the best profit of all: Satisfaction!


What I gained from this project is a great satisfaction. It makes me always remember that there are people out there that need our attention. This will be a good sample for the school as children tend to follow what adults do - what we do that is social responsibility. Who knows that the children can also be mentors for others in the future? And to people out there, talk (complain) less and do more action and join us. It will be a very nice and useful experience for us and our future.


I believe that the best way to predict a better future is to create one like making the Temburong project a realization. People who spend time making excuses are those who lack in discipline. Anything in life can be achieved when we do it with passion, excitement, determination, optimism and enthusiasm. Joining voluntary work teaches me how to accomplish a given task with datelines through time management and team work - exchanging ideas and communication. It also creates a sense of responsibility to the society. We are able to give our helping hands to the unfortunates as one reliable mobile unit. We built friendship and I had fun participating.


It was my first time experiencing such event. I really had fun with others to accomplish this mission - to make the children smile. Youths should join any voluntary work for their and society's benefit rather than wasting time at commercial centers during school breaks. It's better to do something (for those in need) rather than nothing. It's for a good cause anyway. I have gained a worthy experience and beautiful memories that I created together with my friends.


I mostly had fun despite working under the hot sun. I was able to gain a new experience and friends from joining this event. With the interactive and colourful school environment it can attract the children to come to school and study in a better way. I suggest that people should join voluntary works because its fun and it add more experience in our lives.


Projek sukarela di Daerah Temburong adalah projek yang sangat bagus di mana ianya berkaitan dengan murid-murid sekolah rendah. Kami menggunakan kreativiti untuk membuat pelbagai lukisan yang berwarna-warni pada lantai dan halaman sekolah mereka . Ini dapat memberi kesan yang mendalam kepada pelajar pada hari pertama sekolah apabila mereka melihat perubahan yang ada. Mengikuti kerja sukarela di daerah temburong pada bulan lalu adalah sangat mencabar kerana ia adalah projek pertama yang dilakukan oleh kelab ini. Dengan persediaan yang bersungguh-sungguh dan teliti, projek ini berjalan dengan lancar bertujuan untuk memberi keceriaan kepada murid-murid sekolah tersebut.


I think our project in Temburong was a good way to promote the group and our mission of giving support to the people especially to the students at Sekolah Rendah Sultan Hassan. What we did will not only beautify the school but some of the paintings can be used as a method of studying such as the alphabets and numbers on the floors. This project brings a lot of benefit to me like useful experience, make new friends and most importantly good deeds 'pahala'.


It still amazes me that a few people managed to make a big success in so little time. Despite the over-time 'tanning days' we also gained an ultimate reward of satisfaction with smiles on our faces. I hope the teachers and students there are happy with what we gave to them. Our gifts portrays our sincere and generous hearts to those who are in need. The next project will be bigger than this and I really hope more big hearted youths are willing to help the less fortunate in Brunei. Let's make a difference!



Brunei Humanitarian Affairs Support Group (Kelab Sukarelewan Brunei). On behalf of the group, I applaud to those devoted and enthusiastic hard workers especially to the gardening and landscaping committee. And thank you to the rest for your creative and colorful artworks

Kind-hearted Volunteers who were willing to help others with arms wide open

Generous Donators who weren't able to come to this project

Sekolah Rendah Sultan Hassan, Bangar. Especially to Cg. Yusnani, Cg. Azim, Cg. Fazli and babu-babu di dapur. We thank you so much for your hospitality

Kelab BARA. TY to Sulaiman a.k.a ngangah and family despite you guys came on the 2nd day. We appreciate your support and contribution

Jabatan Daerah Temburong

Pusat Belia dan Sukan, Temburong

Borneo Bulletin

Brunei Times

Radio Television Brunei

Kristal FM

Nasional FM

Bahapa Kitani Blogspot


Anak Brunei


Every action in our lives touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternity

Edwin Hubbel Chapin

summary for meeting on wednesday, 19th march 2008.

Date: Wednesday, 19 March 2008.

Time: 7.30pm-10.30pm

Place: Aranda Cafe.

Secretary on duty: Nur Atiqah Raduan.

1)Temburong relief project

After meeting with Cikgu Azim of Sultan Hassan Primary School, there were changes in the programme that need to be done. Vice chief Nurul Adibah Hamdani explained these changes to the volunteers that attended the meeting. The changes are:

  • Activities with 100 Bokok Students are cancelled as transport is difficult and parents are reluctant to involve their children as it is holidays (some of them might be going out of the country for the holidays.)

    The principal of Sultan Hassan primary school and Cikgu Azim had suggested the following solutions:

  • We could come again during the school terms.
  • Instead of the Bokok Students, 10 of the school staffs will be involved in the activity and the principal might be there to supervise us and our activities.
  • We could interact with the staffs involved.
  • Any kind of donation to the school is accepted i.e- reading books and (especially) school stationeries. The school stationeries are still inadequate.
  • The reading corner is not properly done. We could redecorate the reading corner.
  • The Bukok students are placed within a very small room hence it is very uncomfortable for them to study at that place.

    The principal and Cikgu Azim also explained that:
  • all the school books have been replaced by the government.
  • Our project about building a pondok is still pending their approval since they plan to build a new block.

2)Changes in funds

Each committee members to contribute $20
And each volunteers to contribute $15 for the project funds.

Distribution of budget for volunteers are as follows:

$10 for project expenses (i.e- paints, plants and other stuffs to help redecorate the school) and $5 for the transport fee.

3)Possible things to do/include in our programme:

1. Landscaping. (need to buy plants using the funds collected)

2. Floor painting along the corridors. There are three blocks to paint.

3. Make a map of Brunei in the garden (using rocks and pebbles)

4. There are three notice boards to be lifted and hanged using wires. We need more males to help us with this.

5. Draw cartoons on the floor. (we need good artists for these)

6. Do khat painting for the school. (we neefd someone good in Khat)

7. Paint the badminton court.

8. Buy stationeries (if the budget is enough)

9. Interactive games with the 10 school staffs.

10. Do a memorial foundation for BHASG.


Our project time has been extend to 3 days 2 nights that is from Tues 25th to Thurs 27th of March 2008.


*Pusat Belia Hostel.

1. Pusat Belia Temburong agreed to let us stay at the hostel.

2. There are 3 bedrooms for us- one upstairs which can fit 15 people and 2 rooms downstairs which can fit 12 people. The bedrooms downstairs are closer to the toilet.


· From Bandar to Temburong and vise versa, we will use boat which costs $5 each route.

· $5 from each volunteers contribution will be used for the fee to temburong while the fee for going back to Bandar will be sponsored by the committees.

· To the school, we will go by bus which will be provided by Jabatan Daerah Temburong.

6)Media coverage:

Proposed medium

· Television through rampai pagi

· Radio through Pelangi and Kristal.

· Blogs (Invite social bloggers such as bahapa kitani, Rano, anakbrunei and photobloggers)

· Press- Media permata, Borneo Bulletin and The Brunei Times.


Volunteers are to wear the same colour of tshirt that is black on the first day and white on the last day.

Food that need to be bring by the volunteers:

· 2 cans of Curry chicken.
· 2 cans of Curry beef.
· 2 large bottles of mineral water
· 2 cup of rice.

Food will be cooked by the head of refreshment. Volunteers can also bring their own snacks. Any allergy to the food listed can be informed to the head of refreshments before the 24th of March.

Volunteers are also to bring their things i.e clothes, toiletries,sejadah/telekong and dailies for the 3 days 2 nights stay.

Registration of volunteers is still open. We need more male volunteers.

8)Appointment of the Committees of the Temburong Project

Project Manager- Nurul Adibah Hamdani

Assistant Project manager- Lindya Linggat

Secretary: Nur Atiqah Raduan

Treasurer: Nur Hafillah Hj Abdullah

Treasurer 2: Nur Afiqah Hj Matali.

Logistik: Khairul Anwar Karia, Kasmadiana Binti Awg Maidi, Dk Siti Bazilah Pg Hj Zahari

Refreshment: Nur Zaidatul Idza Hj Ismail and Muhd Sufi Bin Hasmi

Medic: Sharbini

Assistant medic: Haziyah kamarulzaman.

9)Next meeting.

Main agenda will still be on the Temburong project.

Next meeting will be informed through the or by text msg.

Summary for 4th HASG Meeting.

Date: Sunday 16th January 2008
Time: 2PM - 5PM
Place: Aranda Cafe
Secretary On Duty: Nur Atiqah Binti Raduan

Issues that were raised include:


Vice chief Nurul Adibah Hamdani explained about the details Temburong relief project to committees who couldn’t attend the last meeting and to new volunteers.

Date and target area:

The proposed date for the project is 23rd. However, due to unforeseen reasons, the date had to be postponed to 25th (first term holiday)

There have been changes in the target area. Since the target has been reduced to just one area- Sultan Hassan Primary School- the project will be done in just one day.


Funds collections are as follows:

$20 for committee members
$10 for volunteers.

Group treasurer, Dk Nurahlina suggested that the distribution of funds are as follow for the volunteers:

$6 for transport and $4 for food.

This distribution is still not confirmed as we need to channel more funds to the activities.

Official fund raising is not possible to be done now since the proposed date is not far.

The outline of activities for Temburong project are as follows:

• Ice breaking session with the 100 Bokok primary school students
(Who lost their school in the flood disaster) placed at Sultan Hassan primary school.
• Landscaping competition around the school area.
• Interactive and educational games to liven their spirit.
• Cleaning campaign.

More details: refer to program aktiviti temburong file.

Problems encountered:

We have not received approval on our project from the Urussetia Mangsa Banjir Temburong so during the meeting Ak Ahmad Fadillah called the office.

Our letter has not been processed so letters and proposals need to be redone and send directly to Pejabat Daerah Temburong by Tuesday, 18 March 2008.


The Brunei Humanitarian Affairs group blog was made and the URL is The current authors are Nurul Adibah, Hanisah Azah and Nur Atiqah.

Nur Atiqah Has sent email to author of, an influential blog, to include the BHA link. BHA blog and BHASG has been introduced with detailed information by the author of bahapakitani.

Reminder: send and thanks email.


The current confirmed delegate for BHASG to the congress will be Nurul Adibah and Nur Atiqah.

The congress will take place on 1st, 2nd and 3rd Of April 2008 at ICC.

Issues that will be discussed during the congress are

• Leadership
• Youth social issues
• Work and training.
• Role of NGO’s to the development of youths and the country
• Enterprising opportunities for youths.


JBS has given us 4 slots.


We still need more volunteers. Ak Ahmad Fadillah suggested the use of registration forms for volunteer registration.


Ak Hj Ahmad Fadillah mentioned that International Humanitarian Affairs has emailed him regarding the committee’s position.

The unfilled position needs to be filled as soon as possible.

He has also mentioned that we need to send our monthly reports to humanitarian affairs international regarding the projects which have been done or still pending for that month


Since the group was just recently formed, we are still under the ministry of youth, culture and sports.

To be registered as an NGO, paper works (i.e constitution) need to be done. We need someone who can help us with the constitution. Ak Hj Ahmad Fadillah had suggested a particular lawyer.

The group has not started on a constitution or any other paper works yet so for the time being, Brunei Humanitarian Affairs Support Group is a club under International humanitarian affairs org


The invisible poverty line in Brunei has been mentioned by Ak Hj Ahmad Fadillah and discussed with the rest of the committee and volunteers present.

Hence, it is to be reminded that Brunei Humanitarian Affairs does not only focus on the invisible poverty situation in Brunei but also the plight of the third world countries


The main agenda for the next meeting will be on the Temburong Project and collection of funds.

A Brief Info on Temburong Voluntary Work


After almost 2 months did the flash flood occurred in Temburong, there are still a few who are in need of help especially a families in Bokok and Sekolah Rendah Bokok students. Mainly we will be focusing 100 Bokok students who have been transferred to Sekolah Rendah Sultan Hassan. The affected children might be involve in the project.

Our list of activities:

  1. Cleaning campaign
  2. Landscaping (garden, painting, building up a 'pondok' for rest shelter)
  3. Donation (study materials, reading books etc)
  4. Interactive games with the children (educational games)

We might also help Sekolah Ugama Persediaan Arab nearby.

Non-school project will include donation to affected families.

Committees and volunteers will be awarded with certificates from the Brunei Humanitarian Affairs Support Group supported under the Youth and Sports Department (Jabatan Belia dan Sukan).

Things to bring

Bring clean clothes and just in case, enough for two days stay.
Cleaning and gardening utensils
Donations (books, clothes, etc)
*Camping food (tin cans, satu cupak beras)

*This will be discussed again in the future.


We will arrive at Bangar, Temburong. The project is taken place at Sekolah Rendah Sultan Hassan, a school located around Bangar. Our house stay will be either at the Jabatan Belia dan Sukan Hostel or Rumah Persinggahan Bangar; it is $30 per room for 4-5 people.

(Accommodation is still pending)


It is to engage in humanitarian service, strengthen their awareness of diverse cultures, and develop a lifelong commitment to helping others by participating in relief efforts to benefit the affected communities in Temburong (and throughout the region). This is also to regain the spirits of the children.


The project will take place on the (Tuesday) 25th March, during the first term school holidays. There might be a possibility we will extend our stay till the 26th March if there is excess work load.


We will travel via boat by 730 AM or the earliest by 6 AM from Tambing, Bandar. Approximately, the ride will be around 45 minutes +. If the project completes in one day we will leave Temburong by 4.30PM (last boat to leave).

Hopefully, Jabatan Belia and Sukan will provide the boat fees. (The proposal is still pending). For your information:

Bandar to Temburong
Adult price - $7
Student price - $5

Temburong to Bandar $7

Upon arriving there we will be transported via bus or van to our rest house/hostel.

On foot it will take 3-5 minutes to the rest house/hostel from the dock. Going to the school will also take less than 5 minutes from our rest house/hostel.

This project requires fund from volunteers. Current committees will have to pay $20 and volunteers $10. All fund will go to the project expenses such as:

cleaning tools (dust pan, brooms, cloths, window spray, mops etc)
gardening tools (potteries, gloves, weeder, mini rakes and hoes, etc)
wood planks
paints (for pondok and gardening)
study materials
food and drinks

And just in case, bring your own money for personal expenses or additional budget. But to cut down the cost, you can bring along cleaning and gardening utensils from home


If there is any question please don't hesitate to contact us.

Thank you and sorry for the delay :)